Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello world!

First post. =D
I decided to make a blog because I saw Sophy's and I thought it seemed fun.

I should post on here every day right?
Hah! I could do that but indeed it would be very boring.

On here I shall post many things,
Pictures of things I want and like.
Pictures of people I like or am inspired by.
I will post rants and whinges.
Happy days and pictures of things I do and places I go.
- Note to self; bring camera everywhere and don't be shy to take photos.

My name is Taylor, middle name Louise.
Hence why I call myself Taylor Louise.
I'm 17, 18 in July 2009.
yay it's 2009!
I used to have blonde hair but now it's brown.
I have freckles, blue eyes and I used to be shy.
I still am shy but I have built up a habbit of talking a lot. *sigh*

I love clothes and fashion, waaaaay too much. :)

This is me:

I might post video blogs but I've never made them before, and I sound kind of awkward.

Gaia Online

That's it for now!
Love, me.

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