Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skins & Sexyness.

Okay okay,
Blog time!

The other day I watched episode 1 of Skins series 3.
It seems like only yesterday I started watching Skins season one.
But that was actually forever ago.
I remember, it helped me through some hard times.
Even encouraged me to do drugs.
Which I DIDN'T do, because I had someone to tell me not to do it at the time.
Ha. I'm a good girl, everyone knows that.
Innocent. And angel ;) ... Almost.

Anyway, so this season is different.
New characters except for Effy and her weirdo friend Pandora.
I always loved Effy, she was so intriguing, now she talks lots!
It's so weird. I think she's absolutely gorgeous.
Style, Hair, Make up, characteristics. Amazing.
So anyway, you should check it out if you haven't.

AND okay,
Who doesn't love Chad Kroeger?
If you don't, you suck.
His voice is the best I've ever heard.
Nothing is like it, Nickelback has to be the most amazing band I've heard.
They're unique and I can't class them as anything.
They aren't rock because it just doesn't feel that way and they definitely aren't pop.
They're not punk. They're just amazing, anybody can love them and sing to them.

Think I just had a little orgasm looking at NICK JONAS in a school uniform.
Damn boy, you kill my life. =D
I love how he seems so quiet and mysterious.
And he hardly smiles, it's cute.
I can't wait for 'J.O.N.A.S' to air on Disney.
Ps. Joe needs to FIX his hair. Bring it back to the Kids Of The Future hairstyle!


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