Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a little teapot.

A couple of things to say;


My nan just rang me and told me to turn it on channel 9.
LOL @ John Farnham.
He looks soooo old now.

Just put shit on my phone.
Haha an update which I haven't done in forever. The wallpaper is now of Miley Cyrus smashing a guitar from the 7 things video.
Message tone = Kiss me thru the phone - Soulja Boy.
Ring tone = Come On Feel The Noise - Quiet Riot.

I'm a whinger. But I hate people whinging.

Lately I can't tolerate anyone speaking to me. I need anger management bad, finally, I admit it.
This is ridiculous, I used to be nice but now I'm constantly snapping at people and telling them wat I really think and it's just so mean.

Fuck I'm fat.
I can't stop eating chocolate.
40 minutes of exercise a day IS NOT HELPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too obsessed with fashion.
I. Need. Clothes. My wardrobe is busting at the seams. Bahaha. No joke. I have more clothes than anyone I know. Thank goodness my mumma said I can have a walk in wardobe when we go to Coffs Harbor. And when I say walk in wardrobe I mean, I get two rooms and we're putting and arch in the middle so one whole room is a wardrobe. Spoilt? Um, I think so. She said I can have shoe racks and cake dishes for my jewellry. Best thing about it? My room gets to start fresh and I'm doing a vintage-esque room. I put my first piece the other day, it's a lattern and it looks sooo vintage. I'm getting wallpaper too, the one with velvet patterns, but only for one wall. Feature wall. And on the others I'm putting vintage decals.
Mmm sexy.
Can't wait.

1 comment:

  1. haha you future room sounds sweet as.
    i want some of that awesomee vintage looking wallpaper and suchh. mmm.
    the only thing vintage looking in my room is my mirror.
    i love it.