Wednesday, April 29, 2009

twitterbug boogie.

Been off in my own world lately.
I'm changing, slowly.

Almost 18.
Not having a party. :)

I have irritated eyes right now, infections.
I have eye drops for that. They're like an oil base, not water. 
Weird. Feels like a clear film over my eyeball. Haha. 

I'm fresh. I'm shy and I'm embracing it. 
I'm not going to try and be outspoken.
My friend said I am the kind of shy that is good, because I seem nice anyway without speaking. 
Which made me so, so happy.

I was just wiggling my fingers like a spider and I can see the bones move on the  top of my hand.
It's really cool because they all connect at the same spot. 
I also play runescape too much right now. I even have a runescape client.. and a Twitter one.
Twitter is all the rage. I just watch it for McFLY's updates <3 

Hmmm, so what else is happening. Not much.
I got a lot of MAC makeup. Lots of eyeshadows, two palettes, 6 sample pigments and 4 full size pigments. 4 makeup brushes including 239, 217, 219 and 275. 
I got everything for cheap. Because I do makeup swap. 

Happy happy happy.
Taylor- Be happy!

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