Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Okay so, for anyone who reads my blog, thanks!
But you might not wanna read this. It’s just me bragging about a brand that I love so much.
This brand I’ve adored for years but never bought lots of the products until now since I work.

It's called LUSH!

Here is a picture of me with Mask Of Magnaminty mask on. Scary, I know.

This is mask of magnaminty, I love it. So refreshing and amazing!

And the other mask I bought is called Cupcake, it's a fresh mask so it only lasts a couple of weeks and must be refridgerated. 

I bought so many things including;
Angels on Bare Skin cleanser
Herbalism cleanser
Honey I washed the kids soap
Coal face soap cleanser
Ma Bar Bubble Bar
The Godmother Soap
Porridge soap

The first thing I ever bought was yeeears ago and it's called Candy Fluff powder. Hehehe.

1 comment:

  1. my sister was obsessed with lush.
    i wanna buy some stuff.
    i love just going in the shop and smelling it.