Monday, August 17, 2009

Yayyy new post

I’ve wanted this eyeshadow for sooo long.
It was a limited edition eyeshadow ages ago with the starflash collection. But it got re-promoted this year with the Love That Look collection.
It’s called Smoke & Diamonds. (Cool name, huh?)

I got this Billabong dress for cheap too.
It’s heaps cute but it’s made so retarded, like the breast part is t-shirt material so you need to wear a bra but the back of the dress sits right under the bra… :/ So I cant wear a bra.
I didn’t think of that when I bought it. But it’s cute anyway.

I got this top. I uhm’d and ahhh’d about it while I walked around the shopping centre because I didn’t wanna spend $20 on a singlet but my mind kept saying buy it buy it buy it.
I loved it sooooo much. They had one small left and all the rest were Larges and Extra Smalls. So I think that was just a sign to get it.

This top I got for cheap, it looks so cuteee. I love these loose baggy tops.
It's tight around the hips/waist and loose up the top.
Which is probably bad for me because I'm huge around the hips and small up the top.
It's from Dotti, size XS. It's kinda stupid though coz I'm usually a small - medium.
Girls are tinier than me, and XS would look huuuge on them.

I’ve bought too much.
I spend too much.
I’m starting to post on my LJ again.

I also can’t stop listening to 60s music.
I didn’t realize I knew sooooo many songs from the 60s.
I love the harmonizing & back-ups in all the songs.

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  1. 60's music.
    i went through all the dads cds and put them on my computer.
    they're all amazingg.