Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wardrobe Update

A quick wardrobe update.
I currently am using almost three wardrobes ):
All these pictures are mixed up because I forget how to use Blogspot haahaha.

I bought these shoes the other day. They're shoes I have had in my mind for quite some time and when I found these I HAD to have them.... No matter the cost.
They're called The Dance by an Australian designer called Illex Kinni.
They were $275 AUD including postage.
I plan to wear them in winter with tights and dresses.
I got tights the other day, woolen ones and knit ones for $3 each in target. LOL

I'm not too fussed about shoes because I'm all about comfort.
Here in Coffs pretty much no one wears shoes. It's filthy. I wear thongs all the time and flat sandals to work (pictured at the front).

This one is just a couple of coats and all my dresses.
This doesn't look like much which confuses me because I have tooooo many dresses. All of my dresses are doubled up on coat hangers and they all get stuck together when I have to take them out because there's too many.

This is the wardrobe in my room. My good jackets, going out tops and some skirts.
That grey jacket is probably my fav. It's a Sass & Bide hoodie that I got for $50 because it was used as a staff wardrobe in a shop here called Nik & She.
The hats I got for $5 each on sale at my shop. And the scarves have been collected & made over time.

This is my bracelet collection. I had quite a few before I started working but working at eQuip means I have to wear at least 3 items of jewellery each shift.
I have another basket of bracelets that are from Diva before I started working at eQuip.

I am OBSESSED with oversized, statement rings. They have to be just right though, otherwise I won't wear them. I'm so picky with my clothes and accessories.

Guess what this is? Ahhh my most favourite dress in the world.
My French Connection Wood Garden dress.
My nan bought it for me when I was in Sydney airport.
The beading and embroidery on this dress is amazing. It's a great quality dress, it's kinda heavy and thick but so good for winter with tights and a cardigan with a cute beanie hat.
The dress was $150 down from $300.
Taylor Swift has also been seen in this dress.

My wardrobe is ridiculous. from stripes, to polka dots, to feathers, to florals and embroidery.
I never search for anything in particular. If I like something, I buy it. I don't buy something because it's in fashion.

I bought this dress on ModCloth today. I saw it and fell in love and I NEEDED it.
I love ModCloth. This was a must. It was $84.99 US.
I got a size small and minutes later it sold out.


  1. you have such a great sense of style
    im jealous of all your clothes :)

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  3. i love your sense of style its very nice