Friday, October 1, 2010

i'm a believer.

So I was super duper bored.
To be totally honest I've never worn this top before. I hate the colour, it's not me at all.
It's actually awful but I thought I'd give it a go... honestly? I still hate it. 
I love the skirt and the shoes though.
Clutch: Vintage, eBay.

And because I'm so unprofessional, here's me;


  1. the clothes dont make you look good
    you make the clothes look good.

    i dont know what that means but i say it anyway.

  2. Haha that's very cute. :)
    I suppose you have to have confidence to make clothes good.
    Someone could have a $1000 dress and have no confidence and it wouldn't look good. Someone with confidence can make a $2 dress look cute.

  3. Do you believe in heaven & hell ?

  4. wow! I love the first part of this video, I feel the same way about poses.. :p but I believe in all the things you talked about.. spells, dream catchers, healing stones.. lovely post/video

  5. You're a Christian.!!! don't Christians only believe that Jesus Christ died for world...was risen.. ascended to heaven and is coming back for his people...etc.?...Believing in everything contradicts your Christianity.!!!..btw...this is not a hate mail...I'm just giving an opinion...cute pics too.!!!

  6. yeah, i agree with Johnathan, i'm a christian, and i know that we should only believe in Jesus, our savior :)
    and i do believe witchcraft spells work, but they work through demons and satan...
    don't get into them!
    btw you look SO gorgeous!!!! i love your style, you always look very classy :P

  7. let me just say... you are amazingly beautiful, i mean you seriously beautiful and dont let any1 tell you that ur not cuz he/she is just jealous

  8. Im sorry people harass you =[

    You seem pretty cool :] do you still play world of warcraft?

  9. yeah I am an American from TN. I caught your you tube video b/c I really like Aussie and British Accents. I believe in God, I'm a Christian, but like most Americans who are Christians it is wrong to judge what anyone else believes in. Whether it be religion, politics, whatever. So believe in what you believe in. I don't want to seem like some American jerk or anything but the idea that you can worship or believe in whatever is a good thing about America. Didn't mean to rant, but a good question was posed. Hope to hear back from you. Love your accent.

  10. Not gonna lie, that's a hard question.

    I believe in my self and what I have achieved, but I know that compared to the universe that isn't even a drop in the bucket.

    If I believe in something bigger than me, it's humanity in all it's magnificence, even if we are capable of horrible things sometimes.

  11. The Internet is one crazy place. One moment I'm watching your YouTube video about Australian accent vs. American accent and the very next I'm getting lost in your blog.

    I just wanted to comment that your blog is beautiful. I don't know if you are using a template, but I wish my layout was as nice as yours. Anyhoo, I'm going to follow your blog now because you strike me as interesting a person as I am.

    By the way, I love your accent! I'm American, but my parents almost moved to Australia way back in the day and there's nothing I'd like more than to visit there.

  12. Wow. I came here and the first thing I saw was Fashion. But then came the contradictory stuff. Christian, and Witchcraft. Be careful (as in don't get into that stuff) because yeah at first it might be hunky-dory but then your just opening yourself to let things in. This isn't hate mail. I'm just letting you know.

  13. Hello Taylor, love your pics and vids. Saw vid of you yesterday, found mysely thinking about your beautiful face as I woke up this morning!
    Life is a journey, approach with open mind, religion wants you to close it. Spirituality is important. I believe in God AND reincarnation and am happy... haven't had any demons jump out of my wardrobe yet! :) Rock xx

  14. I'm an uber non-believer. Wish I wasn't it'd be nice to think that there's something more to us then being squishy bags of meat twitching around on a glorified rock but... I don't. It really sucks, I sorta envy you. Love the vids.

  15. Hello
    I've never seen how blogging works
    I just stumbled on to your Acc

    Bye bye

  16. I'm a Christian and I believe that God sent His one and only son to die for US. To die for all of OUR sins. Jesus was sinless and yet he still died for us. We should at least give Him the time of day. I'm a Christian, but I am not religious. Religion is just a word for a bunch of set rules you have to follow in order for your "god" or "gods" to stop hating you. In EVERY other religion in the world people die for their "god" Christianity is the only religion where GOD died for man. Jesus was crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended! Joseph Smith is dead. Mohammad is dead. Jesus Christ was resurrected! Jesus said "I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Nobody comes unto the Father but through me." Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the ONLY one who can save you. God clearly stated in the Bible not to worship any other "gods" but Him, so why go against His Word? It's not something to mess around with, we're talking about salvation here. Whether you believe it or not is your decision. God gave us the CHOICE to accept Him and follow him or turn away from Him. How anybody can believe that evolution is real is beyond me. How can people think that we're all just a bunch on pond scum that just appeared out of nowhere? That we don't have any purpose, that we're just here...wasting away. What a depressing way to live your life! I believe witch-craft is real, but it's Satan that powers it. It's scary stuff, do not get into it. You can only believe in one way to Heaven. You can't just take the pieces of different religions that you like and ignore all the rest. It doesn't work that way. Joseph Smith and Mohammad read the Bible, took parts they liked, rewrote most of it, and deleted the rest. In Revelation is says not to take away any words in the Bible. It says it point blank! Yet people still ignore the parts they don't like. I don't get it. Wouldn't you want to live your life for something greater than yourself? Jesus died for US, so why can't we live for Him? All you need to do is repent and ask Jesus to come into your heart and let the Holy Spirit start working inside of you for God's glory. I challenge you to just read the Bible you won't be sorry. It's the greatest love story ever written. If you want to make it into Heaven you have to follow Jesus and only Him. Sorry for the rant, but I had to say something. It's your salvation here. It's not something to take lightly. Please respond, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. i agree with you most things...4 an example GOD is NOT jesus n Jesus in NOT GOD.......there are three that bear record in Heaven Father Sin and the Holy Ghost aka Spirt or Truth......GOD can and wont ever die......if he had died,,,,,,,,,,EVERYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THING would have got destroy.......EVERY THING and EVERYONE hae hate me lol...........bc GOD is lsorry..............

    2. If God is dead as you say, then there is no God :/ and if God can forgive ... why should he be dead to do it? and why he didn't do it earlier?? it will be more "logical" if the death of God is necessary to forgive the sins of the humanity, then he should be dead from the first day (when adam eat the apple) to forgive to adam and the rest of humanity. God is not jesus, and there was some church's who didn't believe on jesus as a God or the son of God, but as a powerful prophet who will return to the earth in the end of the time ... i am talking about a chrestians church's in europe who have been destroyed by an "anonymous" people who wanted to take the controle of the continent :) hope that i illuminate your way just a little, i am not pretending being perfect, but i think that some researches will show you anothers path, ways and another reality. (excuse my english, i know that it's horrible).

  17. lol you should become a model lol and btw u do look gorious