Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Moon.

Taylor will be Jacob in movie "sequal" New Moon.
YAY! <3

It's weird that they call it a sequal considering there should be two more.
I was disappointed when they said were going to change Taylor to somebody else.
Taylor plays a perfect Jacob Black.
I already loved Kellan Lutz before Twilight was made. >.> So there was no doubts of loving him anyway!

The only actors I do not like are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

AND, a big O M G and W T F, stupid disney bitch Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for Leah Clearwater.
Fuck that, I hate Vanessa.
She's not even good for the role.
She's nothing like Leah; Leah is a tough, hard bitch!
Vanessa is a little sweet innocent shitty disney star.
She'll totally ruin the movie!

They're thinking of putting Edward more into the movie.
That is bullshit because he's not supposed to be!
The book New Moon made me cry, the movie should too.
If it doesn't, I'm not calling it as successful as it should be.

Peace out.

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