Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I hate her.
I hate her I hate her I hate her.

There was one person that I hated the most,
One that I would go out of my way on the street to throw an egg at.
Now there's another.

Oh god I hate her.

Hate is a strong word, duh, which expresses so freely what I feel for this whorebag.

I want to ram my car up the back of hers.
I want to tear at her hair.

But I feel so, so, so mean.
But I can't help this raging feeling soaring through me.
I don't want to hate. Oh god, I don't want to hate.
But it just is.
She doesn't even know it.
She should get her own friends before she steals MY best friend.


  1. i think i may know who you're speaking of.

    unless its another best friend.

    but if it is the fake lesbian.
    she clings to people.
    and then hates them for no good reason.
    just chucks them away.
    and you're left wondering what happens.

    shes a user.
    she users men.

    and then she wonders why everyone hates her.


  2. ugghhh exactly!

    USER!! And users should not have anyones respect.

    definitely not mine!

    she's a bittttch!!