Monday, February 2, 2009

Copy Copy Copy.

I know this is kind of a long shot,
But I just wish people would stop basing their life off mine.
They may well not be doing so, but it seems so much like it.
When I say something of some sort that is either the epitome or at least expressing what I love,
If I see someone I know saying almost the exact thing with a little twist of their words,
I automatically assume they are imitating me in some way or another.
Okay, Okay, I get it. You love it too, but please, why say it right after I do?

Must you compete with me?
Because that’s what you seem to be doing.

Maybe it’s meant to ridicule me.
If it is, that’s just disgusting and I have a huge amount of distaste for people that go around and act in such a manner.

This was intended to point at one person in particular,
But as I type, my mind sorts through different people.
So now this is aimed at no one in particular,
How about I just say, people as a whole or in general.
Everybody feels this at some point in their lives,
There’s always someone that you’ll fee
l a little aggravated about because they seem to be copying you.
To get the point across, I won’t say that I don’t care but I will say that it just makes me think you’re being ridiculous and I do not care about you but I do care about your childish games because they do rattle with my brain.

On a side note, Taylor Swift is making a sundress clothing line.
We knew that was going to happen for a while now.
I’d love to be a customer.

I also recommend the song ‘Here’s the thing’ by ‘Girl Talk’
Yay for remixes! Girl Talk made my exercising so much easier.

To finish this off,
I must say, I am totally wanting this for my 18th in July,
It is in fact a Tinkerbell Disney Couture bracelet.
It belongs on my wrist!!
I'm sure it would love it's new home.


  1. disney couture is so pretty.
    but so expensive.
    even on ebay :(
    theres a real cutee alice necklacee on ebay.
    but to muchh for the size of it.
    ugh :(

  2. Haha yeah,
    I don't mind the price.
    It's not too bad compared to most things I look at.
    I actually like a few Juicy Couture things.
    And theres a couple of Disney Couture that I like but some of the things are really ugly.