Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gossip Girl

When it comes to Gossip Girl,
Most people go with Blair Waldorf's fashion.
I wanted to see what this fuss was about.
So I tried to catch up a little on Gossip Girl,
Well... Didn't happen.

I watched three episodes
And watching it on the internet is ridiculous.
The player cut off 30 minutes of the show.
But good news is, I love the show.
Bad news is, I think everyone is wrong.
I go with my instinct, I think Blair's style is somewhat OK
Whereas, Serena and Jenny are my favourite.

I mean, come on?
It's obvious.
I probably go on an outfit as a whole though.
I'm such a fashionista.
I go by the top, the bottom, the shoes, accessories, hair and makeup.
That's an outfit.
Blair just does not tickle my fancy, sure she has some cute clothes,
but hey, they're designer, they're supposed to look good but she doesn't make them look good.
Those headbands suck by the way.
Plus, how you wear the outfit is what makes the outfit.
If you're a total bitch in it, the outfit is going to look ugly

I choose Serena Van Der Woodsen:

over Blair Waldorf:


1 comment:

  1. haha.
    so glad you like gossip girl :)
    dan and chuck are my fave guys.