Sunday, February 22, 2009


My Nan bought me phone today.
Out of random.
She said she could buy me a new phone because my other one got water in it, not my hiptop, the nokia.
My hiptop is gooooneee.
But she said I'm not buying an expensive one and we went in the shop and I randomly said I wanted this ages ago and she's like okay you can have it.
I was like O_O It's nearly $200!!
So I bought it in red.
But I wanted pink and the guy told me there isn't any in Australia.
Liess. I found it in Target. So I refunded the red one and got the pink.
It's so pretty. I didn't want it for internet coz I don't use it.
But it as a qwerty keyboard and doesnt look like a flashy crappy phone.
A guy tried to sell me a hiptop slide, no way would I ever buy a hiptop again.

Anyway. When I watch Gossip Girl I'm just like damnn, N & C should get together.
Yes. Nate and Chuck.
Chuck's bisexual in the books. LOL.

I don't really feel like blogging right now because I'm so tired.



  1. haha in real life nate and chuck live together. they're best friends.
    mmm imagine the shenanigans they get up to.

    mmm im looking for a new phone, and its a toss up between hiptop and webslide.
    unless i find a better one. like nearly every phone is either touch. or had internet and all that.

  2. My advice, pass on the hiptop. Webslider is sicknesssss.
    Its like a normal phone.. but not.
    No retarded contracts.

    and LOL i knoww.
    people thought things were going on between the two actors.
    i wish.