Thursday, February 26, 2009


I need some floral tights.
Some nice shoes.

And I want that Marc Jacobs hoodie!

It's the one that little Jenny wears.
I also love her dress but it's not buyable - Blugirl spring collection.
Her head wrap is cute too but it's like $100+
I'll just make it myself.

I'm also needing this Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie.
It's an amazing faded wash hoodie. Cute!

This one too:

You know what else I need?
I need coats that I can wear as dresses in winter.
Milly is a good coat brand, too expensive though.

I'm depressed.
My cat has to get put down.
Like wtf. My cats are like my babies.
Putting one of my cats down is the worst thing you could do to.
My car is getting sold. Wtf?
I'm moving. Wtf?
Everything is getting taken away from me.
I just want to cry because nobody understands.
Maybe because no one takes the time to listen to me.
That's why this blog helps me, I can get things out without anybody changing the subject to something about them.

I also have problems. I can't lose eight. I excercise EVERY DAY and eat healthy.
I even went off the pill so the weight would drop because I don't need the pill anymore as it didn't help my skin.
Still, I'm the same weight, probably even more.
I hate life.
Everyone is having 18ths and expecting me to go
& I'm not even having an 18th because I'm gonna have no friends where I'm gonna life.
Things are so fucked and people don't even know because I pull the same 'happy act'.
Fuck it, I'm not happy. Fuck you, I don't need to pretend just to help you with your problems.
I come before you in my life. D:

Forever & Always,

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