Monday, March 16, 2009


I hugged Danny!!

McFly has been my fav band for years.
Everyone knows that.
I saw them live on the 23rd of Feb 2008.
Unfortunately I didn't get to meet them

Yesterday, I went to their gig out of the blue.
I knew it was on but I had no money.
but mum gave me some which made me happy!

Anyway, I had a skirt on so I didn't go in the mosh.
I stood on the stairs of the balcony which was right next to backstage.
Smart thinking, I sat and watched everyone backstage.
and then I saw them!
I waved to Harry and he waved back.
We did that like 3 times. Hahaha.
Anyway, Danny was standing there and I waved at him and he waved back.
Then i motioned for him to come over and give me a hug.
He was like o_O
And i was still motioning.
We met halfway at the door, ignoring the security guard hahaha.
And he wanted to give me a hi 5 but i was like nooo hug!! :)
And he gave me a hug. He was so squishy and warm.

It was most likely my happiest moment ever.
Except EXTREMELY casual. O_O
it was weird, because I didn't die on the spot.
I hugged him and walked back to my spot. haha.
I probably should have ran backstage. But what's the point? :]
McFly were awesome live again.