Friday, March 13, 2009


ILY Designers.

* Marc Jacobs
* Max Azria
* Spencer & Rutherford

* Milly
* Betsey Johnson
* Dior (Couture)
* Marchesa
* Peter Alexander
* Elizabeth & James

* Karen Millen
* Juicy Couture (Disney Couture)
* Balenciaga

There's so many more.
But damn, these are great.

I used to hate designers and labels.
But now I just can't live without them.
Seriously, all day every day I just look up clothes and fashion.
PS. My Betsey Johnson size 4 dress fit me. wtf.

It's the most gorgeous piece I've ever seen.
I'm gonna wear it to a wedding, and my 18th if I have a dinner.

If I had money I'd but this, but I'm gonna make it instead <3.
It's gorgeous, made out of leather.
I can do it, I'm creative. I don't just like it coz it's Marc Jacobs.
I love the layered hearts. I already made a feathered clutch, so why not this? :D

Forever & Always.


  1. that clutch is super cute!
    i needa get creative again >_<
    all i make is clay jellewery.
    i need make clothes and accessories.
    i have enough time.
    just not enough money and i'm quite lazy.

    for awhile i wanted to do fashion or something with it.
    like work in a magazine.
    i still have no idea want i want to pursue in life.

    couture is amazing.

    do you watch gok's fashion fix?
    it's so awesomee.

    and what does the dress look like?

  2. Ahh the money is a problem!
    I went to spotlight to get a few tings.
    And everything is so expensive!!
    It was like 6 bucks for a packet of these weird bows.
    I was like wtf, umm $2 Please!! lololol

    i have no idea either.
    i mean i know i love fashion.
    but its too hard.

    Yepppyy skeppyy.
    i watch gok's fashion fix.
    he has great ideas.
    sometimes he adds too much accessories though. :)

    The dress has the best neckline ever.
    It's made sooo perfectly.
    you can tell when something is designer.
    :) It's pink. Just pink.
    Plain and simple.
    I saw it on Taylor Swift first.
    But I could not take my eyes off the dress.
    It took me a few hours to find the designer of the dress and then it took me weeks of waiting to see if one turned up on ebay. ^_^

    That's it.