Thursday, March 12, 2009


When or if I have a kid,
I want to call it River.
That's just a cute name.
And yes it's named after River Phoenix.
I'd definitely consider naming my kid Phoenix too.
That's also an amazing name!

Originally I wanted to name Casper or Caspar.
But my mum said that's ridiculous,
Personally I disagree, it's a cute name.
I also wanted either Landon, Skyler or Jasper.
Skyler is out of the question now.

These are all boys names
But yes I'm gonna be a bitch of a mother and if I have a daughter she will have a boy's name
It's only fair considering I want a boy, and anyway I have a boy's name.
Anyway, I'll keep all those names in mind.
And if my future husband disagrees I'm gonna tell him to shut the hell up because he doesn't have to squeeze something out of him!
Rofl. :)

Anyway, what else...
I bought a size 4 US dress. (8 Australian)
I'm hoping it fits. It's a Betsey Johnson dress, the same brand as my formal dress.
i'm still wanting an Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie.
i'm dying to get one.
Damn australia not having good shops!
We don't even have online stores!

Forever and always.

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