Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter love.

Every guy tells me I’m not like other girls.
I love it.
It’s not like I’m one of those girls that say ‘I’m different!!!!111!!1’
Lol! No, I don’t give a shit about what I am.
I just think it’s rather cool when a guy comments on me.
I’ve been told I’m cool, I’m a girl but I know when to relax and act like one of the guys.
I’ve also been told that I’m hard to read, I like that.
I’m solid like a rock, unbreakable at times.
But can you be an unbreakable person that breaks?
I think so.

If you say solid like a rock, that means unbreakable.
Rocks can break, they have soft spots.
If you try and crumble a rock, it doesn’t work.
If you throw insults at someone it doesn’t work.
If you hurl a rock at the ground and hit it’s soft spot; it’s gonna break.
I’m like that. Hit my soft spot and I’ll break.
But only if it’s the right time, if I trust someone.
I don’t cry in front of people but I’m hoping that one day I’ll find someone I can cry to.
I want someone to cuddle up to,
To smile at and to hold hands with.
To just be me, and they can just be them.

... And I wish it snowed here.
Awh, love would be brilliant if it snowed.
I think that's why I'm such a bitch, Australia makes me angry.
Because it's always a shit temperature.
And I get angry and frustrated and tell people just to get lost.
Holding hands and ice skating would be so cute.
Scarves and coats. Blushed cheeks and cold skin.
^__^ I can dream.

One thing that fascinates me and always has, is astronomy.
It’s brilliant. If I was smart I would have worked my way up to the top.
I love space, I love anything to do with it.
Give me a book or a tv program on it and I’ll watch/read it happily.
I could lie under the stars forever.
I get goosebumps when I talk about what’s in space.
Another reason I get goosebumps is talking about ghosts and spirits.
I believe in them all too much, it’s insane. If someone talks to me about it I get tears in my eyes and a get hot and cold flushes. It’s amazing.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.
Forever and always.
Taylor Louise.

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