Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celeb crushes.

I'm doing this because Sarah did. :) And it was cute!
And I always wanted to lay out a few of my celebrity crushes. I have far too many for my liking. 

Taylor Kitsch.
Bad boy. So masculine and you make long hair look so hot.
You're just... amazing.

Kellan Lutz.
If I was a boy I'd have wet dreams about you. You're my dream boy. 
Your smile, your eyes, your
 body, your personality.

Taylor Launter.
You are so sexy for a... 16 year old? I don't know. You made the character 'Jacob' perfect.

Danny Jones.
Oh my. You're beautiful. I love your laugh. You're a dork and a hunk. I'm glad I had the pleasure to meet you.

Hugh Jackman.
OH MAN! You're the oldest man I have a crush on. You're beautiful.

You're aussie and I just wanna cuddle you. Your smile is SO contagious. And you're genuine.

Dougie Poynter.
More boys should be like you. You're so much like Tom DeLonge. But shy. Cute.. and SO pop punk. 

Chace Crawford.
You are too pretty to even describe. The eyes and the eyebrows do it. Your smile is devine.

Effy Stonem.
You're a fictional character. But I love you. My dream girl.

Charlie Hunnam.
You have been my crush for a few years now. With a face to die for and an accent to melt over. 

Mitch Hewer.
Cutie until you take his clothes off and then he's a HOTTIE! With an accent <3


  1. :O omg i love taylor.
    your number one. he's so good looking in the convenant! ;)

    and adam brody.
    ahwell >_<
    such cutiess.

  3. taylor, also.
    i've noticed the lack of nick jonas.

  4. i hate the jonas brothers now lol!