Thursday, May 14, 2009

MAC Collection!! :) (Finally)

Decided it was time to show my collection. 

Eyeshadow palette, I won't name all the eyeshadows because you can see all the names of how I've organised it.

* Teal  *Cocomotion  *Fuchsia  *Pink Pearl  *Chartreuse  *Rebel Rock Blue

* Gold Dusk  *Naked  *Pink Opal  *Vanilla  *Your Ladyship

Sharkskin Shadestick is a black with like a silver sort of shimmer.
This is the most amazing base for the best smokey eye.
Reminds me of a scales. It looks matte black but when you move it in the light it looks dark grey/silver.
(Excuse my shitty hand lulz, had to swatch it)

* 217 blending brush  *219 pencil brush  *275 angled brush  *239 flat shader brush
(Excuse the dirty brushes. I need to clean them)

Yay! :)
Now I need:
MAC Silver Ring e/s pan
MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s pan
MAC Woodwinked e/s pan

MAC Bare Canvas paint

Probably other things too.
I dunnoooooooooooo


  1. the pigements are awesome colours.

    i need to learn how to put on make up >_<

  2. I love mac, so so good! I'm loving that darky blue one!

    Great blog
    Hope to hear from you,
    Monika ♥