Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Okay so, I thought I'd post a few things on here.
I'm so excited and happy. Not sure why.
I'm 18 soon yay!
It's sad that nobody is counting down with me. Eh. Whatevz. Slackass 'friends'. :) Idc. I'm confident now, I don't need to be friends with people who cause drama and don't about me lol. 
On Monday my nan bought me a pair of shoes, ankle boots. And they were WAY too high, and that's coming from a girl who can wear high heels all the time. I couldn't even walk in them! Plus they were far too big.
So today my mumma took me to Westfield to refund them but I had to exchange them and i have some luck because they had the exact shoes I've wanted for ages for winter! They're my staple for winter. I want to wear them with tights and coats as dresses.
I have lots of tights, white black and yellow. I want verticle striped ones though. Like see through and opaque stripes. 
So I took pictures. 

This coat is to die for. OMG. I had to have it when I saw it. It was $160. But it's my only birthday present. Fair enough considering I don't want anything else and this is my favourite. 
I'm in love with it, I'll wear it as a coat dress with my shoes and tights.
The fur collar is detatchable so it can be dressed down for casual. And the faux fur is so gorgeous. I feel rich wearing it! They only had a size 8 left so lucky I'm an 8 in coats! It even has a little bow coat hanging thing. It's metal. Good quality coats have those, so they don't get ruined when getting hung up on a hook.

My lovely shoes. They look funny in the picture, they look smaller and less pointy irl. 
:D They're so... amazing. Boyish yet very feminine with tights and a coat. Size 37.

This is something I had to have. It was like $150. 
But I waited and they put it down to $89. I waited some more and they put it down to $79 and I got it!!! Unfortunately they didn't have any size 6's left D: But I got an 8. It's huge though, I'll have to alter it. 

I normally don't wear red unless i'm in a 'Statement!' mood. But I was inspired by Blair from Gossip Girl. When I think of her, I think RED! :) I love it. With black tights, my shoes and a cute headband or something, it's great for a casual winter look. Size 8.

Same coat, different colour for when I'm a in a 'Idc' kind of mood. My nan bought me these.
Size 8, for some reason size 10's seem massssive

I got this in July last year for my birthday. I was and still am in love with it. 
It looks much prettier in real life. It has a deatchable hood and it's just so cute.
I think it was $189 or somethin. o_o Not sure. This one is a size 10.

And that's some of my things for now.
I just cleaned my wardrobe, it's busting at the seams. D: 
And I still have to unpack my old winter stuff that's in boxes. My wardrobe is all dresses, cardigans and coats. I have soooo many dresses. I think some girls would go crazy if they saw my clothes. >.< 

& my computer is a bit sick.
Going away on Holidays on Thursday. Coming back Sunday,

ps. I love my mum! :)

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  1. i've been in love with red at the moment too.
    its crazy.
    red tights, red cardigans, red nail polish, red bags.

    and i have some laces up ones, not exactly the same.
    and i don't think its the height, it's iunno difficult.
    because i've been wearing heels lately and highers ones and they've been fine.
    its those that kill.
    iunno its weird.
    but beauty is pain i guess.

    lovely coats.
    i don't have coats.
    i need more clothes.
    i've been buying stuff on ebay lately.