Saturday, June 13, 2009

Perfume Chick!

I have to write a blog. Hehehe. 
Not many people know it but I’m such a perfume girl.
I can’t live without it. I love it like crazy.
But I’m so picky, just like I am with my clothes & hair.
I do NOT like floral scents. With one exception, I will give that exception soon. 
I don’t like celebrity perfumes and I don’t like candy scents. 

My scents are under the ‘Woody’ or ‘Oriental’ family. 
I’m gonna’ tell you a secret. My actual scent sense is stronger than most people’s.
Because of course, if you know me you’ll know that I’m almost completely deaf in my left ear, thus my other senses kicking it up a notch to make up for the lack of hearing. 
I’ve always been told I smell nice. Even from people I don’t know. 
Little do they know it makes me feel totally awesome, it’s better than a compliment on my appearance. 

By – Dolce & Gabbana
This was my first ever amazing perfume, it was my signature scent. 
After a few years, it got discontinued and I raided markets and shops to try and buy more.
Fortunately I scavenged 2 x 100ml bottles. I still have one unopened. *sigh*

The Beat - Burberry
On the search for a similar scent, I did not succeed but I found this perfume and I fell in love. I still love it but I only have a few mls left and I’m too scared to use it all!  I managed to get it for around $70 - 78 for 75ml on ebay when it first came out but now it's sold pretty expensive everywhere.  

Hypnotic Poison – Dior
I was totally content with The Beat but then I heard about this perfume. I smelt it. I needed it. It is the most amazing perfume I have ever smelt. I am IN LOVE with it, I smell the bottle every time I walk in my room it is that good. Unfortunately it is far too expensive, even too expensive to expect it as a birthday present. I only have a 30ml bottle that my Nan had coz it was too strong for her. I’m trying to make it last, I think it’s oil based because I’ve had it for a longgg time and I’m not finished it yet. This is my absolute favourite and I swore nothing would ever replace my Dolce perfume but this has. I totally want everything in it, I want body wash, body cream, body moisturizer, mini perfume, bath oil, Collector edition and mostly I want the mini purse refill but you can only get it on UK ebay and theres only 2 left. It's a red bottle, in a long shape, same colour red and it has 3 x 15ml refills. It's so cute! But I can't afford it.
"Mysterious and mesmerizing, extravagant and bewitching, Hypnotic Poison is a magic potion for modern times. Audacious and profoundly feminine, the fragrance is an unsettling harmony, a fusion of contrasting olfactory facets."

Jean Paul Gaultier for Women
This perfume is just average. My nan gave it to me because she didn’t like it. It’s really strong, some people love it, some hate it. It’s really oriental.

Beyond Paradise – Estee Lauder
This is my one floral exception. I know for sure that it’s smell is mainly Jasmine. It’s light and not too sweet like most florals. I would only wear this if I’m feeling too scabby and won’t wear my other perfumes.

Chanel No.5
Okay so this is the last but definitely not least. I adore this, not as much as Hypnotic Poison but I still love it. I’ve always heard about it but I thought nah I bet it’s floral so I never tried it plus I hate stuck up snob ladies in Myer and David Jones. When I was up in Coffs, they had it in a big chemist and I smelt it. Oh my. I loved it. I put it on a perfume card and put it in my Interview With the Vampire book as a bookmark. Now every time I smell it, I think that it’s what Louis the vampire smells like… Crazy I know, but it does smell very… ‘olden days’. Haha. I’m yet to purchase this because it’s expensive but I will one day, my nan says she has it at home, maybe she’ll give it to me for my bday.

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