Friday, June 12, 2009

ily forever new

Um okay, so.
I’m not giving advice anymore.
Because I’m a smart person, it’s weird because when it comes to problems and situations that aren’t mine – I know everything. 
I know a woman’s point of view and a man’s point of view. 
But people just don’t listen. 

I got a new job, only two days a week. Tuesday and Thursday.
Both my mum’s late night shifts. Sooo I’ll walk home on those days.
I already walk every day except those two late nights for 30 – 45 mins each night. 
It’s lucky really, getting to walk home from work. It takes an hour or so. 
It’s great exercise. I’m fit but I have bad lungs and I’m not toned. 
I’m around a size 8 now. But mostly 10. The jeans I got are an 8, but they’re a bit big coz they stretch. 
I got a new coat today. Couldn’t help myself! I can’t resist a coat… ever. D: Every time I go into Forever New I get something. I wish I could buy every single item of clothing from there. People should just buy me things from there as presents. >.> LOL. 
Nah I’m kidding, I know I’m not getting presents from people. That’s life! :]

Ima take a pic of my coat and post it on here. It’s a little big coz it’s a size 10. It was the last one there. $119.95 down to $79.95. 
Okay so I just took pictures and they turned out shit coz it’s night. But I’ll post them anyway. It’s not a long coat, it’s a casual one to wear with jeans, not tights. It’s nicer on than on the coat hanger. Plus, the colour isn’t anything like the pictures are showing it to be. It has a detachable hood which is fabulous and the hood is a cute one too, none of that pointy crap. 

While taking photos I decided to take some of my accessories, bags, scarves and my wardrobe.
I used to have more but lost a lot of them due to wearing them to parties etc.

Lol @ my wardrobe. Messy. It looks like I don’t have many clothes but you see every coat hanger? There’s more than one item of clothing on almost every one of them. >.<>
And I have all my other winter clothes boxed up in my brother's old bedroom. Heh. 


  1. =O alot of nice stuff i see here
    where is forever new?

  2. i love forever new sales!
    i love their skirts soooo much.
    like $80 dress for like $10 is a bargain.
    and i can't walk away from a bargain.
    i'm the same i always walk out with something.

    wow tay size 8 thats amazing.
    so proud.
    but don't get to carried away.
    be sensible.

    i need coats, for europe, because it'll be march and cold.
    i wish i had your clothes :(