Friday, July 31, 2009

Clubs and Chubs

Went to Hot Damn! last night.
Let’s just say I won’t be going back there unless it’s for shits & giggles.

It was disgusting.
Absolutely filthy and appalling.
Why do people not know how to handle themselves when they’re drunk?
I’m glad that we got out of there before 1AM because I don’t think I’d like to see people practically having sex in the booths.
Immature people who push and shove and spill drinks and make fools of themselves.
Hello, I did that when I was fifteen! Lol.
They had a few good songs on that night but they should have an area where the music is just a little bit lower so you can have a good convo where you don’t have to lean over and strain to hear the other speak.
Luckily enough, we went to the gay bar up the street first to have a few drinks.
I would not like to be completely sober when at Hot Damn! I think I’d die.
As soon as I went in there some guy tried to get me to come over to him…wtf?
Isn’t it a gay bar? LOL. Funny stuff!
I attract all the older men.

Apart from that, it was so fun seeing Ant <3
He’s such an amazing person. I really wish I got to see him more.
So great to talk to. We’re pretty much alike which is great because he says things that I would say but I don’t need to say because he’s already said it. :]
Definitely looking forward to hanging out with him again some time soon.

On another note, nothing to do with my social life.
I miss Gossip Girl and I can’t wait for season 3.
I’ve already seen on set pictures and Blair’s style has changed quite a bit.
I’m a bit disappointed, nevertheless she looks gorgeous.
Chuck of course looks as arrogant as he always does which makes me sexy.
Nate has had a bit of a hair cut and he still looks absolutely adorable.
Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!

I need to stop peeling my nail polish off D:
Hmmm… what else? I really don’t know.
I guess I’m just really happy because I missed the fact of having someone that I can have an intellectual conversation with and have the exact same views – and of course, I got to experience that last night with Ant. Hehehe.
I don’t have any pictures from last night, thank god, I probably looked horrible with all my pimples and stuff. But I really do wish Ant & I got asian photos. D:
At least that gives us something to do next time.
I think when we do get the asian photos, I'll post them on here. Actually I'll post our old ones compared to the new ones. ^_^ That's always fun, like a before and after. Hehe.

This blog is pretty long.
I haven’t done a long text blog in ages. It’s always about actors and makeup and stuff.
I still haven’t decided if I’m moving with mum to
Coffs Harbour or not…
Now that’s depressing.
I should go eat something, it's lunch time and I after eaten since yesterday at lunchtime. Didn't have breakfast yesterday either.
Ughhhh. But my stomach feels so gross. Alcohol does that.
I'm also waiting for more pimples to appear on my face - Alcohol does that to me too!
I feel like Thai fried rice... :( Badly... lol.

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  1. Chuck of course looks as arrogant as he always does which makes me sexy.

    hmmm thats a little weird tay.