Monday, July 27, 2009

MAC Collection II

Kind of an update on my MAC collection.
I’ve bought so much, I’m an addict.
I have more things coming on the way including lipsticks and eyeshadow and a blush.
For now this is what I’ve gotten or what I’ve done.
As you'll be able to tell, I don't by foundation because I don't exactly like it.
I use mineral powder. And MAX Factor miracle touch foundation ONLY when I go out clubbing or to dinner.

This is my first full palette. ^.^

This is my limited edition holiday 2008 palette. Intriguing Scarlett Warm eyes

I pressed my pigments and put them in a palette complete with magnets on the pans and labels.

This is the most beautiful blush I have ever seen. I adore it SO much.
It’s limited edition from the Red She Said collection and I was lucky enough to buy one from another LJ member. Look at the colour and sparkles! Ugh!

It’s called Stark Naked

This is just a swatch of two paint pot samples that I bought, I didn’t think there was any point in showing the actual samples as it’s just a quarter of a paint pot.
Brown one is Indian Wood and the pretty champagne colour is Rubenesque.

That’s it for now but I have to tell you, this stuff is NOT cheap. So it may not seem like a lot but it sure as hell is worth a LOT! ^_^

One more thing. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this picture. Jasper's face is just OMG. I love it.
I can't help but make the face myself every time. It's the physical embodiment of '
D:< '
( AND YES I've seen the two new Twilight sneak peeks! UM HELLO JACOB'S BOD? OMGZZ)

PS. Alice is absolutely gorgeous. My fav female. UGH!
I want to be her. She's little (& not a skinny skinny bitch)

Here. Enjoy your eye orgasm.

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