Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hold on.

I hold on to my past too much.

I have a big box of memories.
And inside there's so many things.
Lots of train tickets and for each I remember what for, which day and who with.
I have things from boys.
A watch from a boy I went out with for a week.
A thing that holds a bandage together from my ex, it has his signature on it.
I have a rubber bracelet thing from a guy I was seeing, the first guy I ever wanted to kiss but didn't. People hated me for liking him and for him liking me.
I have a gig ticket from when I went to Wollongong to see a gig with the boy I liked, we went out a few times but not enough to call him an ex.
I have letters and cards.
Little things that mean things, pictures.
Sad memories and good memories.

Sometimes I just want to let go...
But why does everything seem like a good time that you'd kill to relive? Even the bad memories?
Why doesn't the present feel like this?
I'm stuck here... making no memories...
I miss everyone.
I miss Sydney.
I miss me.


  1. Memories are good. Make a scrapbook? It might make you feel better. I did it when I was moving around alot...
    Ok, in retrospect, it didn't make me feel that much better but at least the stuff was pretty-fied and organised. ^^;;

    But I'm sure you'll eventually make good friends there and make plenty more memories! Don't give up!

  2. Hey Friend!

    It seems that you are caught up in the past and not accepting the present as it is. It is good to have memories but you can't live off that. It is time to let it go an let it be. Embrance the changes and move on! The past has passed and the future has not come yet. Live the present!!
    Take Care!