Friday, October 8, 2010

dance the night away.

I get a lot of people asking me how old I am.
For the record, I look older than 15, so people that call me 15 are just being sarcastic and stupid.
I'm 19, I know I look somewhat younger than that but still - I'm not a little kid anymore.
Also people are surprised I have tattoos, 
it's an open thing that I've talked about in many videos.
Yes I have them and the one on my arm says 'Live like you mean it. Love 'til you feel it.' I get asked what it says a lot and I have to repeat myself. >.<

Yesterday night I went out and drank waaaay too much.
Nevertheless, it was fun.
Tonight I went out to dinner with Monique and it was yuuuum.
Chicken strips and Chips with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. 

Right now I'm in bed because I still have a hangover.
I hope it's gone tomorrow.
I'm really nervous for work on Sunday. Eep.

Me with my baby. :)


  1. Awww cute kitty<3 My cat just ran away yesterday, I miss himmm!=( anyway, for the record you do not look 15 ( I agree lol) I'd say 18. But hey, looking a tad young will come in handy one day as you age! I look older and I hate it! Hope your hangover improves x___X They SUCKKKKK....

  2. wow...I now realized your a day ahead of me... so technically your from the future..lmao...

    I understand how u feel about the age thing..Its very annoying. I'm 18 and people always ask me how old I is nothing but a still have it easy though...they usually ask to see my ID or Licence because they don't believe me.!!!

    Never had a hang over though...I don't drink... whenever I happen to drink nothing happens..Its like I'm immune to!!!...from what I've seen it sure doesn't look like it feels good.!!! so hope u get over it soon.

  3. too much root beer huh

  4. vaya con dios well thats rude

  5. Just watched your video about the Australian accent- I'm an American acting student having a difficult time acquiring an Australian accent. Any chance you could help? If so, reply to this message and we can figure something out- thanks!

  6. Whoaa, my cat looks JUST like yours it's insane. he looks like maybe a younger kitten version, but your cat cud be his long lost dad/mom ;)(dont know the gender of ur kitteh). i posted pics of him on my blog :)

  7. Lovely Cat, I have Two myself...they really bring joy and happiness...\\Ash