Friday, October 29, 2010

What the..

Yeah so I said I was going to post a lot but I haven't.
I've been taking photos with my phone but they're not so great.
I'll post some anyway!

I don't know what to say about that one.
I was going to work that day. Bodysuits are uncomfortable. 

My costume for summer because I'm sorry girls, but bodies are kind of private.
Bikinis reveal too much, I'm kind of offended by them to be honest.

Playsuit. You know, they aren't a good idea when you go out to drink.

This day I was also going to work.

And this was today.
The first time I've worn jeans in about 5 or 6 years.
I just don't normally wear jeans but these are so comfortable. 


  1. Beautiful just Beautiful in all ways
    3rd pic is my fav :)

  2. The jeans looks really good on you.!!!

    1st, 3rd and 5th pics are the ones which stand out most to me :D

    And i like your point of view on bikinis.!!!

  3. picture number 2
    what is that a bathing suit

  4. you've such a cute taste in style!

  5. God I realy love your Aussie accent !!!
    Met a girl from Brisbane last month and she spoke just like you, especially like in your video that started with....internet provider ,alluminum etc...GREAT Keep on having fun !!!

  6. Wow. This is why not everyone should have blogs.

  7. You are really be beautiful...
    I'm Perros Thomas, i'm french and if all Australians are so beautiful, I moved away:)

  8. i have an Australian friend that moved to the states, iv told him since he moved here that i just want to hear an aussie girls accent. you just made my wish come true. thank youu (: feel free to contact me.

  9. love all your outfits especially the last one!

  10. You must be a heartbreaker because you're sooo beautiful inside and out! You don't find girls like you now and days. Whoever has part of your heart is a lucky person! Bye :)

  11. Hi,

    Just happened on your youtube blog. Keep blogging, you are fresh and special.

    As an American/Australian you need to know you'd be worshiped here in the US if you ever visited and I'm sure your spirit is wasted and invisible to Aussie men if this makes sense.

    I hope you find your voice.



  12. I love the second photo! love the 60's vibe! xx

  13. Lol .i don't like wearing jeans too. kinda like wearing shorts or something like that..haha, but you're hot,. *i'm 15 and i think you're hot*..haha

  14. I love your photos, seriously? aren't you 15 ?
    I missed a lot your videos from Youtube and also your blog updates It seems a quite out dated.

    I liked so much your Australian accent

    Please, post more videos :)

  15. G'day..I'm from Brazil..Are you from Sydney ?
    I love Australia accents..
    it's hard to me but I will learn :)
    I LIKE THIS BLOG..sorry my english isn't very well..I speak very well in portuguese...GREAT PICTURES..XOXO

  16. Nice idea and good embodiment =)

  17. your style is so cute.
    i love it.
    don't listen to the haters on here, or on youtube.
    they're just jealous of your beauty.
    i look up to you.
    i WANT your accent and your clothing.
    keep your head up.

  18. lol hey .....Have i love your accent lol...... i have an Arabic accent down pack lol....I American...........(unfortunely...a couple...months around last stepmbre i wanted an Australia accent and i was searching youtube for someone with an a Australia accent i search for a good long four hours(give or take a few).....a long come you talking about us Americans talking and i wacth like 20 of ure videos that night..just want to thank you....idk for what but thanks........BtW Im still working on my Australia accent......i want to visit there one day lol.........and u are truely stunning and stunnningly goregous lol......dont let anyone tell you differnt lol .......

    your friend .........follower........most likely stalker..( jusk kidding)