Sunday, June 7, 2009

Follow your bliss.

Drooling over Taylor Lautner.
I always thought I didn't have a thing for certain types of guys, especially dark ones.
But it seems I do, and especially dark ones. :) 

I have to go to P!NK tonight. hehe. 
I'm feeling lazy. Damn it.
Maybe if I had a guy like Taylor to hang off of I wouldn't be so lazy.
And it's not just his looks, I'm not that shallow. In interviews he just soooo sweet. His laugh and smile is just amazing.
He seems to have a great personality.  
*sigh* I guess I can dream ay. 


  1. lolz the only think i liked about twilight the movie was him.
    and im like thats why taylors so yum yum about him.
    but he's hardly on the screen :(

  2. Oh don't you worry. He'll be in New Moon a lot more than he was in Twilight. WOOHOO.
    Can't wait.
    Oh god.
    >.> too excited.