Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I went out to the mail box and got a letter from optus.
I was thinking, damn, what's this, a bill? But then I realized, I don't get bills.
I opened it up and this is what I got:

Of course I got butterflies and I opened it up and it's tickets!! :O

The letter says I'll get a special lanyard that I must wear to get into the concert when I'm there. :)
It also says I will be escorted, and I quote, 'to the exclusive Yes Sessions standing area rightat te front of the stage!' 
:O :O :O :O WOW!
I usually NEVER have luck. I'm absolutely thrilled. :D 
I don't know what to wear! LOL. 
Well there's a plus to still being 17 right now. Hehe! :)
Tickets to see P!NK are $129.90 !!! DAMN!!
I'm so lucky right now. 
and for my birthday my nan bought me a ticket to see John Farnham <333>
So excited!!! It was like $160 I think she said.


  1. OMG!
    thats so awesomee tayy!
    you'll have funn.
    she was so awesome when she came last timee.

  2. Haha yeahh I know I went last time she came :D

    Worth the money! :)